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The first 3 weeks of the series will have a 3/4 race only (due to light restrictions) and then for the remainder of the series there will be a 3/4 race and an E/1/2/3 race each week.



6:15  -  3/4 race  -  Approx 45 minutes

7:15  -  E/1/2/3 race  -  As long as light permits (excl. first three weeks)



Entry on the night only. There is no advance entry.


Entry is £12 per race.


For students and Juniors, the race fee is reduced to £10. Students must present a valid NUS card at sign-on.


Youth riders with dispensation will only be charged £6 per race (please note that Youths will not receive ranking points from Senior races).


3rd category riders wishing to ride both races will be charged £20.



Sign-on opens at 5:30 and closes 10 minutes before each race.


League registration

All riders wishing to race must register for the league on the first night that you race.


Registration costs £5. Riders will be issued with their own numbers to be retained for the duration of the series. Numbers are to be returned at the end of the season.


League ranking

There is to be a league competition for the E/1/2/3 races only. For each round (15 in total), the riders who compete will be given league points starting at 200 for 1st then 199 for 2nd, 198 for 3rd etc. These points will then be added up across the series to produce a league ranking. A rider's best 10 rounds will count towards the league ranking. The final round (27th July) will not count towards the league competitions.


There will be a separate league competition for Seniors and Juniors. The leader of each competition will be presented with the leader's jersey that will need to be worn each week that they hold it (from week 2 onwards). The jersey will be passed down to the next leading rider if the leader is not present.


Round 1 30 March 3/4
Round 2 6 April 3/4
Round 3 13 April 3/4
Round 4 20 April 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 5 27 April 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 6 4 May 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 7 11 May 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 8 18 May 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 9 25 May 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 10 1 June 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 11 8 June 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 12 15 June 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 13 22 June 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 14 29 June 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 15 6 July 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 16 13 July 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 17 20 July 3/4 E/1/2/3
Round 18 27 July 3/4 E/1/2/3